Oral Presentation: During the sessions each speaker is going to have 20 minutes for the presentation. 15 minutes of this time is going to be used for the presentation, and the remaining 5 minutes are going to be used for the evaluation, interpretation, criticism and questions of the audience and for answering them. Session moderators and technical assistance team will be present in the hall 10 minutes before the session. Projectors and computers will be present in the halls for the presentations. Since these computers will be used for presentations, presentations must be loaded to the computers before the session. In order to receive technical support on the presentation, speakers can ask help from the staff.

Virtual Presentation: Virtual presentations will be made in real time video conferencing or recorded videos. Speakers of virtual presentations must agree to answer questions that may be addressed, in real-time software (the Skype program will be available) and they are to be connected to the Internet during the presentation time or speakers’ phones should be available. Presentations should be limited to 15 minutes.

Poster Presentation: Poster sizes must be as described: length: 120 cm, width: 90 cm. Posters will be exhibited in a certain area during the congress and a Poster Presentation session will be held for those who want to make a presentation. The presentations will be 10 minutes long.