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Incoming Student:

Our International Student Guide is offered in English, German and French so as to reach as many of you as possible. On the official first day of term Sisli Vocational School is planning to hold an Erasmus Welcome for all of incoming students, to inform and to bring them together with SVS students.

Our Welcome Guide gives incoming students a first overview of their Erasmus stay at Sisli Vocational School for detailed information on all important topics (e.g. language course, housing, etc.)

An orientation program will be provided to the incoming students.These students will be accompanied by one of SVS students.Incoming students will have access to free Turkish language courses.

Outgoing Student:

Sisli Vocational School is an active participant in the ERASMUS program. This program allows students register at Sisli Vocational School to complete a study period/work placement at a partner institution/enterprise in the EU and to obtain full academic credit for so doing.

An orientation program is designed for outgoing students wtih language classes. The academic, cultural, social and personal benefits of participating in the ERASMUS program are enormous. For many Sisli Vocational School students, it will be their first time to operate successfully in an international learning situation and this - along with the practical demands of living away from home" is immeasurably beneficial in terms of personal development and maturity.