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SVS is determined to make student placements abroad available. Applicants will be selected by an Evaluation Committee based on the marks, year of enrolment, CV, language/s spoken. The candidate will be advised by the IRO, advisors to foster that the student placement will be recognized within the curriculum. Once the best candidates are selected, they can begin looking for a work experience with the guidance of candidate’s department and the IRO. The host organization of IRO fills in an acceptance letter in which dates, trainee activities, working hours as well as potential help in finding accommodation are clearly stated. After completing their work placement, the candidate’s work and written report on the work placement will be assessed by the IRO. On the basis of workload, credits will be awarded. SVS guarantees to monitor student motivation to assure the quality of the system. Once the student accomplishes this process, the final report and diploma will be converted into ECTS.